International Conference on Talent Ecosystem

The conference aims to create a dialogue platform among key stakeholders namely the institutions, individuals and the industries on shared goals of skills mapping, competencies, collaboration, talent and intelligence. The conference will drive discussion, innovation, experimentation and rapid learning to address the global talent concerns.

30 Countries
Speakers, partners, delegates are joined from 30+ countries
40 Speakers
The conference is loaded with speakers from major industries
3000 Delegates
3000+ delegates joined from different sectors across the world
12 Hour of Event
12 hour of continuous program with speech, discussion and QA

Higher Education

Graduate employability and talent development at higher education

Ed Tech

Reimagine the role of education technology in work force development


The future of workspace: Paradigm shift in talent acquisition strategy


Skill for work & life: Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Skill Gap

Bridging the skill gap in institution, industry and individual expertise


Data driven approach towards Skills and Competencies Measurement


Meet Our Speaker on
Global Talent Ecosystem

The conference featured with distinguished speakers, interactive moderators, partners, presentations, discussions, live feedback, product demo and MoU sessions.

Mahmoud MO
Mahmoud MO
CEO founder
mona zaghloul
mona zaghloul
IT Specialist
mai kamal
mai kamal
CEO & Founder
Mostafa Ali
Mostafa Ali
Product Designer

A new Frontier in the Global Talent Landscape

22 February 2022,
12.00 to 22.00 SGT Virtual

Educational Institutions- E-learning Organizations- Skill Assessment Companies- Certification Bodies- Policy Makers- Top Corporates- Subject Matter Experts- Industry-Academic bodies- Recruitment Agencies- Trainers- Professional Coaches- Students


Featured Partners and Associations

The conference brings together people and brands with a common interest to network and listen to presentations and ideas