Connect individuals with credential issuers to receive, store, share, manage and validate learning records and share it with verifiers as on required



Organizations can connect with their learners or members to issue and verify interoperable learning records and meaningful insights



Creates ecosystem with education institutions, educational vendors, industries and information systems for exchange of records


Learning-to-Work Ecosystem will build the World with Facts

GenuineIn is the world’s first genuine profile platform, manages self-sovereign identity of individual through network of credential issuers, validates intellectual assets and build a talent ecosystem that adds substantial value to individuals and society.

The platform will help educators, employers and learners work together to make better decisions and succeed. It combines data from different data sources, manages common data schema for the data exchange between systems. We provide an AI based business intelligence solutions for education, human resource, e-learning industries.


Interoperable Learning Records

Interoperable learning and employment record (LER) published for 40+ categories of career activities in open standard to be integrated with applications

Unified Personal Profile Wallet

Greater agility in centralized profile management. It brings together data from your various connected applications and credential issuers worldwide.

Credential Verification Service

Employers and organizations can instantly verify an applicant’s education, experience and credentials. We provide an API service for inline verification

Talent Analytics & Modelling

AI based Talent Analytics Framework for analysis of individual’s career performance and organization level talent management to make better


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