Talent ecosystem
We have built cloud ecosystem on real time basis where top companies, industrial mentors, education institutions and their students connect and work together for value based hiring. We provide systematic process through which employers identify and prepare to meet future skills needs. Let's look at a different recruiting approach to uncovering candidate values.
Education Institutions
Education institutions are getting ready to travel abroad with technological innovation to improve campus experiences by education delivery, learning outcome, skill development and employability. GenuineIn ensures the transformation education to employment with the most comprehensive solutions for schools and higher education institutions, including cloud services for the entire student to employee lifecycle.
  • Class room management
  • Learning management
  • Assessment management
  • Credential management
  • Career development
  • Industrial collaboration
Course Providers
Effective workforce preparation helps an institution identify and address the gaps between the graduate students and workforce requirement. We enable collaboration between courses or training providers and the institutions improves skill development and learning programs aimed at bridging the skills gap. GenuineIn platform will provide a coordinated approach between industries, academia and students to tackle the future challenges and opportunities of the new skills landscape.
  • Learners management
  • Skill tracking and evaluation
  • Generation digital certificates and badges
  • Job fit analysis and industry connection
  • Institutional collaboration
Students are increasingly wanting learn new skills, interaction with education providers and job market to meet the industry demands. They want to position themselves reasonably well in the job market through understanding skill demand, industry position and top recruiters. GenuineIn provides a collaborative environment to receive authentic credentials from learning institutions and showcasing their skill and ability to job market. It analyzes learner skill position and predicts the employment opportunities.
  • Collaborative profile management
  • E-profile with security & privacy
  • Credential management
  • Job services, auction and application tracking
  • Institutions-recruiter-student collaboration
  • ML based predictive analysis
  • Institutional collaboration
Mentors can help students in importing knowledge, skills, engaging in professional socialization and exploring career options. Connecting mentors and students will help in understanding subject knowledge, domain expertise, market demand, industry trend and career opportunities. GenuineIn-Mentor provides a database of industry specific mentors for institution and student access and beyond. Our mentor engagement program will increase graduate employment opportunities.
  • Industry specific mentor database
  • Industry advisory board
  • Mentor-Institution-Student interaction
  • Resource sharing and remote internship
  • Career guidance and skill development
  • Talent access and campus recruitment
Campus placement is likely to deviate from the usual functioning because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a challenge to visit campuses for recruitment and conduct various interview rounds. Industries are limited to access academic institutions and candidates. GenuineIn-Recruiter creates bridge between institution and companies. It provides virtual campus visit and allows check candidates with their insights. The platform reduces the distance between industry and institution.
  • Industry-institution network.
  • Virtual view of campus and students
  • Institution verified credentials
  • Recruitment tests and video interviews
  • Candidate search and job fit analysis
  • Complete recruitment management