Join an innovative platform to translate education, training, social and work experience to a record of transferable skills that improves employability and job matching. Our portfolio service enables institutions to manage intellectual assets, measure student performance and monitor learner engagement.
  • Profile ecosystem to connect all credential providers
  • Open data access for institutions and students
  • Measuring, monitoring, analysis and protecting student data
  • Comprehensive portfolio for students with verified details
Product Demo
We look forward to showing you how our platform works for your organization in student portfolio management
Portfolio Ecosystem
Organizations to connect and exchange data with student portfolio that manages intellectual assets and records
Deliver Value
Deliver transformational value for organizations, students and the society to ensure valuable outcomes
Genuineness of Data
Genuineness of data is achieved by integration of record issuer and receiver for data authentication and verification
Data Security
The fool-proof digital data encryption and authentication ensures the originality of student records and credentials
Interactive & Flexible
Data are accessible from virtually any internet-connected devices and applications to share and access
Cloud Delivery
Cloud-based delivery model in which provides lower upfront costs, rapid deployment and higher availability
Digital portfolios can revolutionize employability and learning process
GenuineIn portfolios are dynamic digital workspace for students wherein students can capture and demonstrate the acquisition of skills, knowledge, or capabilities over time. We provide a Student Portfolio Management Service to institutions to tracking of student, understanding of learning performance and sharing with employers and recruiters.
  • Single profile that represents the entirety of an individual’s abilities.
  • 36 categories of portfolio sections with comprehensive information
  • Media integration from different sources including cloud storage drives
  • Sharable, instant accessible, extractable and open standard data access
Connecting curricular, co-curricular and community learning to support student mobility
Translate learning experience to a record to drive success for every student
We provide a student data exchange to manage student activity records which includes curriculum, co-curriculum and social records. Student records with comprehensive information and learning outcome to deeply express the learning effectiveness and graduate employability.
  • Transparent, equitable, secure, portable, shareable, verifiable and interoperable records
  • 100+ categories of records and universally acceptable format
  • Digital records with learning outcome, external links and media attachments
  • Workflow for record generation, delivery and tracking
Working together with education providers and employers to build an ecosystem to exchange data in open standards
Education-to-Workforce ecosystem for learning engagements and data-driven decisions
Today’s educational institutions face a wide range of challenges, including student engagement, integration of learning records and understanding of learning progress. Our platform connects institution and student data repositories to provide open data access and collaborations
  • Data exchange between organizations and students
  • Verifiable credentials with extensive details and open data formats
  • Shareable qualification can be placed in e-portfolio and social networks
  • Communication, data sharing, record verification and networking
Educational data can be analyzed to provide insights into different stakeholders