GenuineIN Platform
In today’s highly competitive market environment, due to competition and minimum job opportunities, candidates are tempted to falsifying credentials. The industry is learned that the numerous academic credentials received from applicants are seemingly fictitious. Hence, there is a pressing need to embrace technology which ensures genuineness of candidate. We provide an innovative platform that enables institutions and organizations to exchange data with the personal data repositories that manages intellectual assets and achievements.

GenuineIN platform is served from cloud to build authentic profile with credentials. It creates profile ecosystem which connects academic institutions, corporate, course providers, certificate agencies, testing service providers, membership organizations to pass credentials to candidate’s profile directly. GenuineIn adds substantial value to individuals and society.
Platform Features
Cloud Delivery
The platform built using cloud technologies and delivered by ‘Software as a Service’ model
Profile Eco-system
Creates profile ecosystem by integration of candidate, records, institutions and recruiters
Data Security
Data security standards followed to maintain the sanctity & integrity of customer data
Privacy Control
Take ownership and control over profile data by application interface to stop unintended use
API Service
Powerful API integration services that will help you to integrate with any third party software
Integrated workflow
Customizable workflow defined for each product work together for process and data flow
Single Sign-On
Single sign-on authentication scheme incorporated to allow single ID to access related services
365 Days of Service
We provide a range of services to manage your profile data and credentials around the clock
360° Data Capture
360° of Profile data will be captured, processed, synchronized, and saved as a record
Predictive Analysis by ML
Machine learning is used to analyze academic institutions on placement performance
Open Standards
Open standards are followed in data management technology to allow interoperability
Event Tracker
Intelligent event tracking tool to organize your achievements and milestones
Business Intelligence
BI included for gather, store and analyze profile to make better business decisions
Extended Services
Add-on services are integral part of this service to empower prospective candidate
Live Resume
Profile records gets updated from associated institutions with proper authentication
Resume Templates
Resume templates are designed based on industrial guidelines and best practices
Extensive Profile
Profile covers 360 degrees of activity recording & document attachment
Skill Index
Skill index measures skill performance, ranking, industry trends and job suitability
Employability Rating
Employability performance analyzed by vital parameters and its composition
True Records
Resume build through authentic records incorporated through institution workflow
Certificate Repository
Maintains integrated certificate repository to receive e-certificates from institutions
Recruiter Access
Controlled access to recruiters to access profile on mutual consent for employment
Job Services
Discover and apply for job posted by companies with auto eligibility - suitability check
Resume Booster
Show up when people search for a profile similar to you. AI engine will find & fit you
Digital CV
Interactive-expandable digital CV will make you to rethink about paper-static version
Profile Completeness
Profile completeness will encourage user to complete their profiles and keep engaged
Candidate Performance
Performance analysis to establish stable performance of profile based on particular role
Data Verification
Data verified at source institution to ensure reliability and validity of information complied
Inline Skill Test
Instant skill tests are provided to measure your skills and improve your job-related skills
Mobile App
Mobile app to get instant notifications, share resume and portable to carry anywhere
Data Export
Export your data to excel sheet to integrate your profile with third-party software
Campus Recruitment
Corporate campus connection for smooth recruitment of fresher’s in an optimum way
Resume Advisory
Experienced HR leaders of our advisory board to direct individuals based on industry trends
Content Guidelines
Tips on what to include, sample content, formatting, completeness of details and more
Meeting the customer's needs more effectively by providing more switches to manage the data
Visual presentation of you with combination of activities, performance and progress
Decision Support
Helps HR agencies to analyze & compile data to make better decisions in hiring process
Dynamic & Portable
Portable to carry all credentials anywhere and access them anytime. Records are built dynamically
Tracking of Viewers
Keep track of viewers of your profile with visitor details and insights about viewers
Notifies user about addition of new records, institution’s approvals and recruiter messages
System records your feedback and suggestions continuously to ensure customer satisfaction
Link to Social Network
Connect to social networks for credentials sharing. Also adds social accounts to your profile
Customer Support
365 days of customer support to individual candidate, institutions and recruiters