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Global Partner Program

We believe the interoperability of education management systems is crucial for the personal data management and to build ecosystem to exchange of intellectual asset between organizations. We provide an intelligent talent management products and services to education institutions and across industry sectors to add substantial value to individuals and society

We’ve created the Partner Program, to collaborate with academic institutions, EduTech companies, training providers and systems integrators to work with GenuineIn for marketing and implementation of robust, scalable, cost-effective product and services

Discover how partnering with GenuineIn can improve your business and expands your market space. Join our partner network to start working with knowledgeable resources, expand your offerings and earn customers with simple, autonomous and protected AI platform make your customers successful

that fits your
Join our ecosystem of business innovators to strengthen your business and expand your reach
Business Partners
Regional partner represents the region to market, implement and support GenuineIn products and services
Partners can manage the entire customer lifecycle in association with the company and other partners
Technology Partners
Independent educational technology providers and software vendors can build solutions on top of or integrate with GenuineIn platform
Ready to integrate, exchange data, innovate, solve customer need and market your solutions
Strategic Partners
Partner with an industry-specific organization or association to do research, data analytics, joint venture and reach a specific market.
Looking for non-profit organizations and community as partners
Why partner with us?
  • Form a business network to help customers to resolve problems through smart, intelligent products to achieve desired outcomes
  • There's no cost to join. Use our partnership to access applications, communities, support, and more
  • Bringing best practices together to unlock the potential of digital transformation
  • Working together for a common cause
  • Technology partnership for product innovation
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Listing of your company on GenuineIn Partner directory
  • Any individual / Business unit with commercial track record in IT sales
  • Strong network with educational institutions, government departments and course providers
  • Academicians, training and placement professionals and HR professionals
  • EduTech companies, learning solution providers and recruitment agencies
  • Ability to identify and validate the true commercial opportunity
  • Ability to work collaboratively and motivate, lead and close the commercialization path
  • Ability to leverage or quickly create relevant industry contacts and networks
Who can partner with us?
Partner benefits
  • More complementing product lines, business verticals which you can cross sell to customers
  • Our partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to meet your own pace & goals
  • unlock new business opportunities and empower you to solve your customers challenges
  • Reach new markets and customer segments with an innovative product line
  • Leverage your brand value and associate with recognized brands
  • Reduce the cost of client acquisition and increase the network
  • Build a sense of community around your business
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The GenuineIn Partner Network supports you in expanding customer base and inspires customer with innovation and confidence