Mentoring is essential to transform higher education to next level
Mentoring is essential for higher education to move forward. We have the power of many, each can contribute their expertise in preparing the future leaders. We provide a platform to connect mentor, mentee and institution to explore possibilities of working together.
  • Mentor-mentee-organizational collaboration
  • Insights into complex problems
  • Transfer of knowledge and accelerates learning
  • Attract, grow and retain the right talent
We look forward to show you how our platform works for mentoring process
Career Guidance
Get clear all career related queries by industry experts
Resource Sharing
Best resources for your job search career development
Job Support
Set your dream job and make sure the job is the right fit for you
Skill Learning
Learning guidance on how to learn and what to learn for your career
Industry update
Get all the latest trends on jobs, industry and career development
Research - Project
Guiding industrial projects, assignments and research activities
Mentoring is an effective solution for transforming talent development
We provide a mentor program for graduate students in association with mentors who are professionals in their respective industries. Students can get connected with the right mentor for achieving personal, professional and academic goals.
  • Mentors with diversified domain experiences
  • Mentor-student collaboration and resource sharing
  • Research, project, internship support
  • Career development and enhancement
  • Discover new options and opportunities
Student mentorship is a unique opportunity to open doors to career possibilities
A mentoring system could lift up learning and institution strategy
We help institutions in bringing industry experienced mentor community to student’s career advancement, driving career readiness, building career pathways and capacity-building at institution level.
  • Advise on student performance and skill development
  • Infusion of employable skills and technology learning
  • Support in curriculum design and development
  • Enhanced networking and professional collaboration
  • Transfer of knowledge and teaching improvements
  • Seminar, workshop, training and event participation
Inclusion of mentors creates impact in business, process and people management
Building talent of the future Join our Mentor Network!
We are associated with education institutions for improving graduate students employability and career development. We build mentor network in association with industry experts and technology leaders to help students and institutions who registered through GenuineIn platform where they can connect and collaborate with mentors on mutual interest. Join us for mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • Reaching community network and developing social skills
  • Supporting student community
  • Developing interpersonal skills and collaboration
  • Make extra income with part time service
Opportunity to use your passion, skills and experience to create impact in society
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