We find talent you need now. A new technology for remote hiring!
Remote hiring is on the verge of becoming the new norm. We provide a technology which makes you to view talents across higher education institutions. GenuineIN helps employers in campus recruitment by providing student data, credentials and analytics.
  • Virtual campus view
  • AI based candidate search engine
  • Resource from hundreds of education institutions
  • Industry-institution collaboration
  • Instant candidate verifications
We look forward to showing you how our platform works for your remote hiring process
College connection
Collaboration with education institutions for talent recruitment, training, research, internship and knowledge sharing
Candidate Insights
360° of candidate details with record authentication and endorsement helps in taking better hiring decisions
Candidate Search
AI is being used to search engine used to locate candidates based on job fit across the educational institutions
Remote Hiring
Process includes resume screening, interview scheduling, online test, video conferencing and candidate selection
Candidate Verification
Automated comprehensive background check report using technology to minimize costs and lower turnaround time
Brand Value
We help companies to build a strong employer brand among education institutions to attract, train and retain talents
Academic – industry partnerships builds an innovation-driven environment
GenuineIN helps industry to gains insight of education institution through its technology innovation. We provide a collaborative environment involves diverse set of activities including training of new technology, industrial problems as project, internship, research and to gain valuable knowledge.
  • 1000+ Campus relations for collaborations
  • Map right campuses to the hiring requirement
  • Pool of campuses for efficient campus hiring
  • Student mentoring, training and internship opportunities
Partnerships can produce innovation that solves complex problems and creates a more skilled workforce
Stay ahead of the competition when it comes to campus recruiting
We make it easy to find the best match for your role requirements through our campus integrated talent pool. We use AI technology to identify the best candidates for you as simple as possible. Just tell us which traits your new recruit must possess and we’ll find a perfect match.
  • Integrated talent pool connected with hundreds educational institutions
  • AI based search engine with job fitness
  • Personal employability rating and key performance indicators
  • Skill test, psychometric test, gaming tests and video interview
Connecting graduates to leading corporates and startups across the globe
Genuine profiles to make better business decisions
GenuineIn platform combat the issue of inaccuracy of candidate information. We provide a higher degree of transparency, as we connects credential issuers to candidate’s provide more authentication. We rate employability performance by measuring parameter performance, incorporating appraisal methods and profile records.
  • Student profile with genuine records
  • Extensive profile by integrating various activities
  • Data analytics, role fitness, skill tracking and source of learning
  • Employability predictions, rating and proof of evidences
Fake CV is serious issue that industry faces today