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  • Build NEXT GENERATION portfolio quick and easy
  • Profile ecosystem to credential providers
  • Genuine record authentications
  • Expertly designed templates to get the attention
  • Connects to right job and right employer
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Extensive Portfolio
Portfolio covers 360 degrees of candidate’s activities, accomplishments and credentials
Data authentication
Data authentication done at source of the institutions to ensure the reliability and validity of information complied
Cloud delivery
Cloud resume increases your job agility, increased visibility, portable to carry and dynamically get update on the go.
Employability analytics
Gathers more data and performs analytics on employability performance and key performance indicators
Privacy control
Take ownership and control over profile data through application settings to hide key data and stop unintended use
Open data access
APIs are provided to access student records in open data format and also to connect with external system
Collaborative portfolio development leads your success
We provide an interactive portfolio management which connects candidates with institutions, mentors, course providers and event organizers for record insertion, credentials, posting assessment results, endorsements and data authentication. In higher education portfolios eventually serve as digital passport on the job market.
  • Identifies skill gap and track your progress
  • Activity recording includes source of learning and learning outcome
  • Date authentication and privacy settings
  • Data exchange and more collaborations
Upgrade to next generation ‘Comprehensive Portfolio’ with more evidences
Digital storytelling has expanded to range of data, media and analytics
A digital portfolio is a powerful way to show a potential employer who you are and how much you’ve accomplished in your career so far. Portfolio integrates data from different sources including institution networks, work places, social network, and media publications to tell a narrative of your career and your ability to think outside the box
  • Extensive profile analytics
  • Connections to mentors, course providers and skill testing agencies
  • Industrial associations including project, research, training and internship
  • Co-curricular activities including membership and volunteer opportunities
Make social networks to share your portfolio and build personal brand
Data Portability, Interoperability and Data Privacy ensures Personal Data Management
We, the technology company want to promote a secure, immutable, distributed and reliable technology to support global student data portability and interoperability. We provide developer platform to use our open application programming interfaces to facilitate real-time importing and exporting of student data. The system built on open data standards which enable data transfer, linking and combining data from different sources.
  • Comprehensive approach to International Compliance
  • Support to standard open file formats including JSON, XML, HTML and spreadsheets
  • Public APIs for developers to interact with the system from externally
  • Extensive privacy settings ensures the protection and security of personal data
Student data interoperability, usability, privacy and security all run together. They go hand-in-hand
Connecting campus talents to Employers and recruiters
We provide a campus recruitment platform to connect graduate students and companies. Students will be notified for any suitable job requirements. Companies can access candidates’ profiles at one place for easy and quick access.
  • Talent pool connected to hundreds companies around you
  • Notifications for job posts, job bids, internship and job applications
  • Link to career fair, campus drive and company requirements
  • Application tracker handles all applications and notifications
Campus hiring flatten now. We bring companies virtually to your campus for hiring