Next-Generation Features
Today’s business environment is full of problems that are complex, ambiguous and fast-moving. GenuineIN platform is maintained on continual improvement and open engagement with customers to streamline key processes, gain greater insight, and make decisions based on real-time information and what the market expected. We drive technology to maintain our products in line with market trends.
Machine Learning for Talent development
AI-based analytics used to understand academic campus resources, curriculum effectiveness, skill gap analysis, and to predict job placements. Co-curriculum activities including training events, courses, and certifications are measured against industry trends. It helps recruiters to fill their job positions with suitable candidates.
  • Industrial skill gap analysis
  • Role development
  • Candidate job fit analysis
  • Job placement prediction
API integration
APIs designed to communicate across different systems to expand product capabilities and to get desirable results. It provides access to valuable enterprise resources to maintain a level of consistency across the enterprise. The system gets connected with external services including social networks to provide more functionality and effective monitoring.
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Resource sharing via social medium
  • Extended functionalities
  • Analysis with live data
Increased use by open standards
Open standards data and technology facilitate interoperability and data exchange among different products or services. Open standards are essential to meet the growing challenge of interoperability between new technologies. Working with open standard leads to better functionality, improved interoperability, and longevity
  • Interoperability
  • Efficient use of existing resources
  • Candidate job fit analysis
  • Job placement prediction
Ensuring data integrity and genuinity
It is essential to use a strong and robust security technique to ensure the integrity and confidentiality. We provide multiple layers of safeguards to prevent unauthorized access and record modifications. The system maintains complete data integrity to improve data quality, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and consistency.
  • Record level authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Streamlined access, timestamp, and digital securities
  • Robustness, durability and data quality
On-demand access through Cloud
Cloud application improves collaboration, shares data in real-time and provides flexibility and agility. GenuineIN offers various applications and tools in a cloud environment for higher education and corporate sector. Our services are always on, you can get the applications from literally anywhere.
  • It is easy to implement and scalable
  • Cloud computing increases collaboration
  • Less operational issues
  • Access to automatic updates