Disruptive innovation to build certificate ecosystem for organizations, served from cloud, designed to menace of fake credentials, track of credentials, bundling qualifications together, instant view, identify data falsifications and serves as a centralized certificate repository.
  • Design and publish certificates and digital badges
  • Comprehensive information with more proof of evidences
  • Centralized certificate depository for complete tracking
  • Cloud delivery and access anywhere anytime
Product Demo
We look forward to showing you how our platform works for your organization in certificate publication
Credential Ecosystem
Connects certificate issuer, certificate receiver and certificate verifier. It provides complete certificate automation system
Certificate Portability
Certificate data is extractable in standard data format and sharable with any applications including social networks
Genuineness of Data
Genuineness of data is maintained through layers of constructs for data validation and data authentication process
Data Security
The fool-proof digital document encryption and authentication enables the verifier to get access to the copy of original certificate
Greater Accessibility
Data are accessible from virtually any internet-connected devices and applications to access certificates anywhere anytime
Cloud Delivery
Cloud-based delivery model in which, pay per use provides lower upfront costs, rapid deployment and ensures higher availability
The world’s trusted digital credential ecosystem
GenuineCertificate digital credential depository designed to store and recapture credential elements through secured technology. Our platform is reliable hosted in cloud environment for instant connectivity, centralized storage and accessible. It provides smart features for certificate storage, indexing, search, open data standards, security and data portable.
  • Certificate ecosystem which connects It connects certificate issuer, receiver and verifier
  • Complete certificate management includes design, generate, publish and verify
  • Highly secured data encryption methodologies and security tools employed
  • Sharable, instant accessible and extractable certificates
Genuine certificate make all the difference and menace of fake credentials
Fake certificate circulation is on the rise. Right technology need to be applied!
The state-of-the-art smart certificate platform enables organization to generate, issue and track certificates instantly with high end security features. The platform is build under cloud technology and maintains open data standards to ensure data portability and interoperability
  • Simple certificate designer with drag and drop option.
  • 1000+ certificate templates for instant use
  • Certificate meta data is managed to provide extensive details
  • Bulk certificate publication and sharable over internet
  • Analytical framework to keep track of certificate circulation
Pressing need to adopt a technology that can ensure security of information of the certificates being issued
Micro-Credentials - the future of talent development
A micro-credential is a competency or skill based recognition that a learner has achieved as an outcome of learning experience. Digital badges are new way of certifying people's skills, knowledge, capabilities and accomplishments. It enables organization to design, generate, issue and verify digital badges in open standards
  • Modular and stackable open micro-credentials ecosystem
  • Verifiable credentials with extensive details in open data formats
  • Shareable qualification can be placed in e-portfolio and social networks
  • Portable and controllable badges gives more convenience
Digital badges are valuable to showcase skills and competencies, knowledge and achievements, than a typical transcript