Digital transformation will lead to job creation
The platform helps education institution to manage talents, understand the current job trends, skill requirements, industrial gap, real-time talent demand and talent tracking. It provides student profiling service, campus insights and link to the job market.
  • Student learning experience
  • Curriculum and co-curriculum activity recording
  • Credentialing portfolio
  • Employability performance analytics
  • Industry resource network
We look forward to showing you how our platform works for your institution in career development
Profile Ecosystem
Digital profiles with feeds, records, learning outcome, linked credentials, analytics and connected institutions
Campus Insights
Campus talent insights prepared based on data, live feeds of industry trends and learning outcome which answers you most
Learners Report
Gathering evidence of learner achievement and performance integrate into learner records for comprehensive reporting
Employability Analysis
Constructing employability indicators based on industry standards to demonstrate student’s ability to succeed in the job market
Career Resource
Platform assembles career resources into a single location including job market data, content, course providers, trainers and mentors
Job connection
Bridging job seekers with employers, recruiters, community agencies and training institutions to map right profile to right job
Transforming learning experience into skills and values
We provide an extraordinary learner’s profile management system to incorporate learning activities, co-curriculum activities, accomplishments, learning outcome, skills, competencies, social participations and authentication for details.
  • Distributed activity recording and auto profiling
  • Open standards for data portability and accessibility
  • Defined workflow between students and institution for authentication
  • Sharable, instant accessible and extractable resumes
Measuring student performance, student satisfaction and its impact on graduate employability
Career development framework to increase student engagement and motivation
We provide a career development framework which includes student career path, skill gap analysis, career development resources and talent tracking. Students get assistance through our platform in identifying extracurricular activities, research, internship and extra learning.
  • Assessment of skill stack for preferred job roles
  • Designing career path by sequencing activities
  • Career supports -mentorship, training, research and internship
  • Career development resources
Professional development in line with career goals and skill development
Outline a campus journey that defines student success
Gain valuable insight about campus from student activities, accomplishments, achievements, skills and career goals with industry trends. Our platform helps institutions in workforce preparation, measurement of learning engagement, determine skill differences and to maximize graduate employments.
  • Skill profile of students and tracking
  • Skill insights of classroom and individual students
  • Skill gap analysis against role and industry requirements
  • Job trends, placement predictions and job fitness
We think about the campus journey of students and make it successful
Making industry – institution partnership work
Academia- Industry interface provided as interactive and collaborative arrangement for student job placements, research association, knowledge transfer and enhance the academic experience. We built industrial network to meet various requirements.
  • Over 1000+ companies and their requirements
  • Sharing of student profile with job fitness
  • Research participations, projects and internships
  • Show casing of learners ability
  • Complete automation of campus recruitment process
  • Skill evaluation and placement prediction
Meaningful insights will inform talent decisions at every level