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Frequently Asked Questions

    • General

    • What is Genuine Resume Service?

      Genuine Resume is a cloud platform to build authentic resume with true records. A 360° profile ecosystem which connects academic institutions, corporates & candidate to build genuine profile which includes academic performance, industry associations, projects, training, skills, competencies and event participations. It test and analyze employability performance and connect the candidates to job from campus.

    • Why Genuine Resume Service?

      Genuine Resume Service Framework is designed to fulfill the following objective

      1. To stop fake resume or inappropriate details in resume
      2. To create data rich profile with authentic details which encourages to identify right talent
      3. To make profile as a single source of evidence for all qualifications, abilities and personality
      4. To uniquely identity candidature in the global space along with their credibility
      5. To fulfill the need of authentic profile service at institution level
      6. To build a collaborative ecosystem where institution, industry and candidate can exchange data
      7. To fix the growing mismatch between graduate skills and market needs
      8. For the effective management of institution placement cell to keep track of resources, skills and industry requirement
      9. To increase the employment opportunity to college graduates who is ‘struggle to launch their careers’
      10. To help companies to locate right talent at right time

    • Who are the Stakeholders in Genuine Resume Service Framework?

      Academic institutions, training institutions, course providers, certification agencies, corporates, HR agencies, screening agencies and candidates

    • What are the services provided under Genuine Resume?

      For candidates : Profile services, learning management, admission and job services
      For institutions : Campus data analytics, skill training, admission promotions, job fair, campus placement and job services
      For recruiter / company : Job post, campus connection , campus placement, job fair, job test, candidate search and verification

    • How does Genuine Resume keep our data secure?

      Security is a very high priority for us. We regularly increase our security standards to safeguard user information. Genuine Resume continuously implements a combination of security technologies, procedures and organizational measures to ensure data against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. We also have detailed procedures in place to ensure the necessary levels of physical security, network security, application security and internal systems security.

    • Who owns my data and how much control do I have over the data?

      Our application users are defined as ‘Data Owner & Controller’ and the application Genuine Resume Service take the responsibility of ‘Data Processor’. The data controller can define how the data published externally, how much data accessed, who can access & what, amend and delete, periodic update and how the data is to be downloaded and stored locally any time they wish. At any point, the data controller can delete the account and request to stop access the profile. We act as the data processor and does not retain or share customer data beyond the defined process.

    • What happens to our data upon termination?

      A portion of the data or meta data that is required for billing and audit purposes is retained and all other data is securely deleted from the primary and backup locations

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