GenuineIn API Gateway
GenuineIn API allows you to register, discover, and subscribe to API services, manage API keys, and to view usage metrics. Take a closer look at our services to developer community and organizations.

Genuine Portfolio

Tools provided for Genuine Portfolio users to update records in candidate’s portfolio and to access portfolio and its records.

Genuine Certificate

API for Genuine Certificate issuers to read credential data, update credential details and generate certificates, badges and records.

Career Center

APIs provided to academic institutions to access Career Center services including student records, placement records and analytics

Campus Recruiter

Empowering companies and recruiter community by providing open access to candidate portfolio and other recruitment records


APIs for Merittest – online test platform users to manage candidate registration, triggering tests, test results and get summary.

Skill Checker

Tools provided to access candidate’s skill status, rating, learning path, service provider details and manage skill programs.
Network of Academic Record Repositories
Educational records are created and managed by academic institutions worldwide. It is mostly used for course admissions, jobs, scholarships, loans and professional services. We provide an open data access interfaces for educational institutions to store, process, transact and distribute academic records within the network based on mutual acceptance.
Collaborate with GenuineIn service to start the academic record repository more effectively.
Modernizing Student Record Management
Electronic student record promising of providing comprehensive information and deeply express the learning effectiveness. Working together with educational vendors, organizations and employers to incorporate various activity records of students including learning experience, participations, cultural competence, social involvement, institutional and professional services.
We help institutions in student record management to driving achievement for every student.
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API access credits Free for organizations
Get started with free monthly credit to access all APIs. When you upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go account, you get unlimited access to the entire services.
New APIs launched to accomplish analytics
Access new set of analytical APIs to build custom dashboards, automate complex reporting tasks, and integrate data with other applications
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